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by Bridget
(Green River, WY, USA)

Like I said before we have done tons and tons of research, I have visited multiple sites, read lots of books on breeding and cockatiels with laying eggs,hatching,incubation,ect... But I just am not positive if the 20 year old male is fertile, and if the eggs are fertile. We candled them and we just are quite sure if they are. The female is young, and both parents are doing their part as to be getting ready for their family like taking turns sitting, eating, grooming ect...

So they should start to hatch around the 20th of Jan? What if they don't start to hatch around that time. Like I said before, the 1st egg was laid Dec.29, Dec.31, Jan 2, Jan 4, Jan 6. So from the last egg is when I start my count down and should expect them? She started to incubate from the first egg though? Let me know, I have done research. The color of the eggs are still white, and they have a good size air pocket.

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Jan 18, 2009
Cockatiel breeding questions
by: Tracie

I suggest you contact a breeder in your area and lean on their experience. Again, the website is also very helpful.

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