Rhododendrons branches safe?

Rhododendrons - Are they poisonous or can birds chew their branches? Thank you.

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Jul 06, 2016
Rhododendrons branches
by: Anonymous

Rhododendrons leaves only are poising

Aug 27, 2010
Rhododendrons branches safe?
by: Linda

No, they are poison as are the entire Evergreen families. Here is a link where you can find out more about toxic and non-toxic wood and plants.

Non-toxic for birds list

The best wood for bird's perches is Manzanita, Apple, Peach, Walnut leaving out Cherry. Any tree that has been sprayed for insects or with fertilizers are not to be used for bird's toys or perches. Trees that are set close to the road are also not fit to use.The chemicals find their way through the tree's skin (bark) and become part of the wood itself making them poison for pet birds.

Your best bet here is to find natural wood branches
If you like Manzanita, there is a place called Manzanita.com and Rick is the owner or was last time I ordered. You can have them cut your perches to the correct size by telling him your inside cage dimensions, and the diameter you need, and they will install hardware. They sell regular with the lovely dark red bark on and also the sand-blasted. I recommend the natural dark red because it gives birds something to do in pulling off small pieces of bark and is beautiful and soothing to the eye. Manzanita tends to have small to large cracks as this is how it does when drying out. If the cracks are large enough, birds will get their toenails caught in the crack and a bad injury will result. If this is the case with the ones you get, take them outside, use 2-part epoxy to fill the cracks, wipe off any excess, and then leave them outside to cure out for about a week. If it is raining, then put them in garage or other building that has some air circulation. Never use glues inside house with birds or even latex paints for that matter. Make sure perches are left outside for the full week. Once completely dry and cured or gassed out, they are safe for birds. We try and turn our larger filled cracks underneath perch anyway.

Thanks for writing and asking an intelligent question BEFORE taking action. Your concern for your bird is muchly appreciated by All.


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