Ring neck

by caroline

Hi I have a 6year old Indian ring neck he recently went to the vet to get his ring removed on his foot because it got infected. He got general anaesthetic, bandaged up, and jag for his foot. Couple of days ago he tried removing his bandage and his foot was covered in blood, re took him to the vet, they got the bandage of and put wound powder on it. But now all he’s doing is sleeping and holding his foot up, just wondering if this is normal for him to do this, a bit worried for him?

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Feb 18, 2010
Ring neck
by: Linda

If he has an infection, he should be on antibiotics, and it takes them at least a week to get rid of an infection. If he is very inactive, you need to take him back to vet for a checkup. Maybe the antibiotics need to be changed. I'd also have a collar fitted onto him so he cannot get to his foot and make things worse. Make sure that he can eat and drink while wearing it. The collars need to be able to fit over the food and water cups when he puts his head down so they can eat. If it means using different cups in different places in the cage, then make the changes necessary for him to be able to eat and drink.

What I don't understand about this is how his leg got infected in the first place from a leg ring. Unless it got too small, most of them are either stainless steel or plastic and usually cause no problems.

So, if your bird has stopped eating, this is a critical situation. Birds cannot go for long without food and water, so make sure he is taken back to vet so they can do something else to help him. He also needs additional warmth when sick. Sick birds need to be around 80-85 degrees as they lose ability to regulate body temperature. Put him on a heating pad underneath cage set on a medium setting and cover cage top and sides with a folded sheet so that he has some room at the bottom for air flow. Sick birds need rest and warmth in addition to medications so they can heal and keep from being chilled. Always keep an eye on heating pad and don't leave the house with one on unless someone else is there to keep eye on it. The other way for additional heat is what is called "no light emitter" bulbs and these screw into regular lamp sockets and come in a variety of sizes. A floor lamp that has bendable neck would work here, and don't put it too close to cage or it can burn bird. I like the heating pads better because they can be put under smaller cages and cages covered to hold in the warmth. Also, if his cage is very large, move him into a smaller one until he is well again as it is hard to heat a larger cage. It is also easier to get around in smaller cage to keep foot from opening up over and over.

Let us know how it works out, and thanks for writing,

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