ringneck and conure in same cage??

by juhi

i have 2 indian ring neck...almost a year old...i'd love to buy a conure or lovebird...can i put any of them with my 2 IRN...their cage is really big..

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Dec 21, 2008
by: Anonymous

hi just as a caution ringnecks often dont get on with other species, iv seen them try attack alexys through the wire of the aviary next to them
just a warning :

Aug 04, 2008
Putting birds in cage together
by: Kralice4u

I have Conures and Cockatiels together. It should be ok to put your birds together, BUT ONLY AFTER you have onserved their behavior around each other first.
The ones that are already in the cage may feel that their territory has been invaded.
I always have seperate cages first and let everyone get to know each other first. Then take all the birds out together and monitor their behavior.
Bringing a new bird on the scene is like bringing a new baby home from the hospital. You have to spend allot of time with the older kids as well so they wont get jealous and retaliate on the newby!
I hope that helps!

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