Ringneck and water

My ringneck looks as if he is going to attack the bowl of water i give him to bath in. Do they want/need a bath, do they enjoy it?

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Jan 09, 2010
Ringneck and water
by: Dani

My Ringneck absolutely adores his baths. The bigger the tub the better he likes it. He even cleans his toys, or just likes to play with them in the water. kermit bathes with gusto and during his breeding season when he is hormonal he lunges at everything but soon realizes he has something he enjoys coming and settles down.

Jan 01, 2010
Ringneck and water
by: Linda

Yes, they all need baths from time to time. During molting, it is important because baths help keep the itching down caused by the new feather shafts coming in. They also collect dust just like anything else, and they will collect dirt and dust in their nostrils, so it is important to give them a small shower bath at least once a week even in winter. Just do not soak them to the skin.

We use a plastic plant sprayer that you find in WalMart, fill it or half fill it with warm, not hot water and start out with the finer mist and then move to a little heavier mist as bird becomes receptive to the bath. Hold the sprayer over the bird, and leave bird in cage the first few times until he gets used to it. Make sure the nostrils are sprayed, body and feet sprayed, and make sure you do not get him soaking wet as bird can get a chill and become ill. Even in the summer if your house is air conditioned, be careful about soaking too much. We have our birds in their own room, and we close the air vent off during the summer to keep them from getting a chill and have it open in the winter. Heat and air vents can cause drafts, so you want to keep birds away from them winter and summer. What appears to be a nice "breeze" for us, can be a draft for the birds.

Try the sprayer, and just take your time getting the bird used to it. Pretend you are cleaning the cage not the bird, and he may enjoy it. It DOES help to get the dust off of cage and perches. You'll need to wipe the perches down when you're done, just don't worry about getting them completely dry as the extra moisture is good for the bird in winter and summer.

Thanks for writing,

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