Ringneck broken toe

by Diana

Hi I have a baby bird and it's a ringneck it's a 4 week old and it is still naked only abit of furs spicking out and the problem is that the ringneck keeps on leaning on oneside and I think that one of its toes is broken or something and Also it's legs always stretches out but the other doesn't what should I do ?????? Please help thankyou
And for the pic sorry it's kinda dark Nd can u look at its toes carefully thankyou

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Dec 28, 2013
by: Diana

Thankyou but it's too late the baby ringneck died yesterday while we were feeding it, it's so sad that it died and also before it died it got its balance but it's just the head that wouldn't get up????

Dec 27, 2013
ringneck toe
by: Alex

There is no picture.

The bird may be injured and needs to see an avian vet ASAP,as an injury will cause a lot of pain, and a baby bird is very fragile and if an injury is not treated or treated properly, it can cause constant pain or cause problems in the future.

Please get the bird to an avian vet who can examine and treat the bird.

Dec 26, 2013
Ringneck broken toe
by: Linda

You need to run not walk to an Avian Vet ONLY very quickly with this bird. It sounds as if his leg is broken and not just a toe. The leg will have to be set and casted, and the longer you wait means avian vet may have to rebreak it in order to set and cast it.With a bird this young, this could kill it, so please get him to avian vet quickly.

Let us know what avian vet does and your bird's life depends on going to an Avian Vet ONLY for this.


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