Ringneck losing feathers

by Brenda Deysel
(Gauteng, South Africa)

Hi, i have a sky blue ringneck and his name is Montego. My baby... I have a concern about his feathers.

Most of his tailfeathers broke off (including the long one) and he is losing some other feathers too. He sits on my shoulder most of the time when he is not on top of his cage and he moves around a lot.

Is this because of the weird surfaces he moves around on or might there be something wrong? He has a normal diet of seeds (parrot food), apple (loves apples), and peanuts. I also sometimes give him greenbeans, cheese and he loves chicken and wors. I regulary change his water and he loves to bath.

I am just worried that i am doing something wrong or i am feeding him incorrectly or he might be catching someting? He is very active and alert and he seems like himself. When do birds lose feathers normally and how does moulting work - i have tried to find information on the internet.

He hates men, and cellphones and cameras and goes bezurk when you come close to him with the stuff. I have had him now for 8 months - apparently he grew up in a petshop and he is about three years old or so. He has a huge parrot cage and his perches are set up in such a way that his tail etc doesnt brush against the sides.

Please can you tell me if all seems fine by what i have told you or if i should be feeding him something different? I love Montego to bits and the thought of something being wrong with him just kills me!

(you can see on the picture what his tail looks like - its a it blurry as i said he hates pictures)

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Nov 02, 2011
Ringneck losing feathers
by: Tracie

You have a beautiful bird!

It is not normal for your bird to lose feathers in a way that you can tell they are missing. When a bird molts, there are not bare spots and they don't lose all their tail feathers at once.

Please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird. Dr B can not tell if your bird has a disease without an in person exam.

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