ringneck lost feathers

by Esmeralda Engelbrecht
(Centurion, Pretoria)

We have a ringneck and for the last year, he is losing his feathers. He still talks, eat fearly well, but look terrible. He plugged all his feathers, except those on his wings.

Is there anything that we can do?

We had him on a strict diet of only vegetables and fruits, we tried stress and lice spray and nothing helps.

Can you please recommend what we should do.

Esmeralda Engelbrfecht

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Jan 26, 2010
ringneck lost feathers
by: Linda

Birds cannot eat just fruit and vegetables or they will die. The feather loss is the first sign your bird's health and physical body is giving way. Who told you to do this? As Tracie said, birds need to be eating an organic high quality pelleted diet supplemented with a few organic veggies and/or fruits. No more than 10% of diet can be fruit and veggies, and they also need to be certified organic to avoid pesticide/fertilizer residue on food.

Also, as Tracie said, never give your bird any kind of medicine without an Avian Vet's prescribing it first. Many birds are killed every year by people doing everything except taking their birds to a trained, qualified Avian Vet for diagnosis and treatment. Over the counter meds are poison, and it does not matter if they are found in a pet store either. NO MEDS WITHOUT A VET'S PRESCRIPTION.

Your bird is starving to death which has further complicated reason for feather plucking. Birds pluck feathers for many and varied reasons, namely poor diets, polluted water, boredom, too small a cage and not a variety of toys and time outside of cage. The other reason is a lack of concern on their people's part. Your bird is a living creature, and living creatures seldom can live on nothing but fruit and veggies and this includes vegetarian people. A Vegan diet is a very complicated matter and has to be addressed by a professionally trained nutritionist or the people will also suffer problems. Everyone needs some type of protein or they will sicken and die.

Get your bird to an Avian Vet immediately, and be sure and tell them that you have not been feeding your bird food of any value. Bird probably has one or more infections which is also a result of starvation and poison from chemicals better left off. Your Avian Vet can diagnose any infections or internal or external parasites. You cannot, because you are not an Avian vet and neither are we. We all have to take our birds to an Avian Vet when they are sick for any reason, just like if they were a human child. Children need to see a doctor when they are ill, and so do birds.


Jan 25, 2010
Feather loss - bad diet
by: Tracie

Dr B would like you to read his Feather Damaging Behavior article to better understand what is happening with your bird.

You need to take your bird to an avian vet, switch your bird to a healthy pellet diet and stop all over the counter medications right away. The over the counter meds may be causing this, maybe the poor diet and maybe an internal infection. There are many things that cause this situation, please have your bird examined soon so your bird can get some relief.

Please let us know what you find out from the vet, so others can learn from your experience.

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