Ringneck parrot age

by rashedhindieh
(amman jordan )

I got a greeen 4 month ringneck a day ago how can i make sure that he is a baby cause i think the pet shop owner was lieying

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Sep 30, 2011
by: Ryan

Agreed, telling the age is extremely difficult, but it sounds like your bird maybe older than you were told from what you have said.


Sep 29, 2011
Ring around their necks
by: Joan Quinn

Indian Ringnecks develop a colorful ring around their necks when they are adults. So if yours does not have this ring yet, then I would assume the seller was correct with his age.

Sep 29, 2011
Determining bird's age
by: Tracie

There is not a way to tell the age, but if it has a ring, it is not 4 months old. ;-)


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