Ringneck Problem??

by haneyvey

Hi! ive got a green indian ringneck starting to molt.. Although he has started to screech every morning?? why's this?? he is starting to get his ring around him... when he screech he makes cockatiel screeches... I think he have fell inlove with my female cockatiel but she has paired with another already.. We do not want him screeching every morning or else he may have to go and we do not want to do that....

2nd. He has started to try and pluck other birds?! I am currently separating him from them till i know whats going on... PLEASE HELP!!!

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Dec 12, 2011
Ringneck problem??

hi there, I can't understand why people don't do research on an animal before purchasing it, far too many animal's are giving away or badly treated because their owner's haven't bothered doing research! Sorry but this is one of my pet hates. Anyway, your ringneck must be at least 2-3 year's of age if he has he's black ring, he should of already been screeching in the morning, and not just doing it now? I've had my irn since he was 6months and he has alway's done it. It is natural for them to do this. Also, irn's are nothing like cockatail's, they're completely different bird's...so why would you let them near one another? That's just asking for trouble. Please do not get any more parrot's unless you gain the correct knowlegde on how to look after them properly,
Thank you.

Nov 18, 2011
Ringneck problem
by: Anne

I do not have a Ringneck but have several Cockatiels indoors with me. I would say that you have a young bird about 6 months old as it has started to moult & the ring is coming round it's neck.
As for the screaming it is probably doing a morning call to the other birds saying good morning to you all, which is quite normal for the birds to do also just before they go to bed.
Please try & get used to it as it is normal bird behaviour before you go down the road of parting with it.
I'm not sure of the plucking but I think it could be his way of saying he is the boss, you have done right to seperate them.

Nov 18, 2011
Ringneck Problem??
by: Linda

Well, first of all, it's normal for parrots to make noise in the morning and sometimes again before the sun goes down. If a parrot acting normal bothers you, why do you have parrots? As for the plucking other birds, you were right to separate him out.

Cockatiels and Ringnecks cannot breed and produce young because they are two entirely different species.

If your Ringneck has not been checked for infections by an Avian Vet in the last year, then it would be wise to take him in for a thorough checkup to make sure the screaming is not because he has a physical problem.

All birds can be noisy, and this is a part of having parrots. To expect them to be quiet all the time means you wish them to be sick all the time. When they become really quiet is when there is a real possibility they are sick.

Thanks for writing,

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