Ringneck weening problem... wont accept syringe anymore and wont eat weening food

by Belinda Langtree
(Durban South africa)

I was left to raise a indian ringneck from 2.5 weeks as we had an avery and the two parents died tragically and suddenly. I had to either take it over or let it die. It has been perfect up to 7 weeks, it stopped accepting the syringe and wont open its beak for it. It doesnt know to eat the soft veg and mixture I supply for it when it is hungry and it bobs its head at me but wont accept the syringe!

Out of desperation I force feed it the syringe and i really dont want to have to do that as I am worried i ingure it! I don't know what to do, how do u get it to eat and I feel really desperate with no help and nobody knows anything about my situation around me.... PLEASE HELP.... What should i do... I dont want to force feed it and I dont want it to starve...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

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Dec 08, 2010
More info on bird
by: Belinda

Hello me again, our aviary did not have the floor concreted and rats were getting into the aviary and eating the birds at night, they ate both parents and luckily not my little birdie that i took over, the bird is on 9 weeks now, it looks healthy with nice shiney feathers, I force feed it once a day as I asked a local pet shop for advice that breads these birds and they said just make sure it has at least one feed, it has a variety of food i am offering it in various bowls and it does seem to be picking at these and hopefully soon learns to eat it as a meal, I will weigh the bird as you advised to check if it is eating on its own. Thank-you

Dec 06, 2010
Ringneck weaning
by: The Avian Vet

How many times daily are you feeding it? How much are you feeding it per feeding? What are you feeding it? What is the temperature of the food? It may be old enough to wean. Have you been weighing it daily to see if it is eating on its own? You should wean it on to pellets, not fresh vegetables; vegetables are not nutritious enough for him to wean onto. Pellets provide balanced complete nutrition and will satisfy his appetite better.

Dr B

Dec 06, 2010
Ringneck weening problem... wont accept syringe anymore and wont eat weening food
by: Linda

Belinda, it sounds like your bird is sick. You said the parents died suddenly, and this indicates you may have a communicable disease in your aviary. I cannot say what it could be, but it needs to be diagnosed and treated immediately.

I'm not trying to scare you, but you do need to get this baby to an Avian Vet. Find an Avian Vet Take baby to an Avian Vet ONLY, and if you have to travel a ways then just do it because this baby is sick with something. Make sure you take his formula in a container that is refrigerated with ice if the trip is long. Hopefully this is just a bacterial infection, as babies are prone to bacterial infections which are treatable if they are taken to the vet soon enough. Since they have little immune system help, they do not last long. Your bird is almost to weaning age for this type of parrot, so he should be stronger. Trip to the Avian Vet needs to be done as soon as possible, and continue to feed him. Also, make sure your formula is warm enough, not hot enough to burn your arm, but warm enough to be digested if he can. Always test formula on your own wrist or other sensitive part of your arm before feeding baby to make sure it is not too hot.Make sure he is eating a baby parrot formula and not a homemade one as these are lacking in vital nutrition. Tracie carries some here.

Hand Feeding Supplies

I do believe your bird is sick, and he will not get better without an Avian Vet's help.

Let us know what happens, and before you get anymore birds, you will need to thoroughly clean your aviary with bird safe cleaner which Tracie carries here called Pet Focus. Thanks for writing, and we are hoping for a good outcome to this situation. Do keep feeding this baby because sick birds do not want to eat or drink, and their death comes much faster. By continuing to feed him while he is being treated, by the Vet, you are giving him a better chance for survival.I've had to do this with grown parrots, and the bird's discomfort is far outweighed by the benefits of keeping him fed and hydrated and ALIVE. He's getting enough fluid in his formula if you are using a powdered baby parrot formula.


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