ringnecks babies

by zaakir
(umzinto kwazulu natal south africa)

hi i have a breeding pair of ringnecks and they have laid egggs the eggs have hatched and now i do not know at what age to take the babies awy from the mother they are currently 2 and a half weeks old

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Oct 01, 2011
ringnecks babies
by: Linda

Hi, this is Linda, and please read the article Tracie gave you a link to.

These birds are nowhere near weaning age as that will be more like 3 months old, and that is the time you merely start the weaning process. Do not take the babies now if their mother is feeding them. Babies have to be weighed everyday with a gram scale to make sure they are gaining weight each day. If a baby does not gain weight everyday, all are sick with some kind of infection that will need to be diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet.

So, do not pull babies until they have feathers all over so they can regulate their body temperature. If mother does not feed all of them, then get with the breeder Tracie mentioned because, you are going to be in trouble if you don't already know how to handfeed using a syringe. This is not something a person just does, as it is a learned skill. The skill is knowing how hot to get the formula and then how to safely feed the baby to keep it from aspirating.

So, take babies out once a day to weigh, and if any do not gain weight that day, then all will have an infection as they are highly contageous. Parent birds always have to be taken to Avian Vet before breeding to make sure they are infection free as this is passed directy onto the babies.

Thanks for writing and the Best of Everything for you and the new babies.


Oct 01, 2011
Weaning ringneck babies
by: Tracie

Hopefully Linda will know the answer to this question, since she was a breeder.

Please, in the future, learn all you can about breeding birds, help an experienced breeder, get experience feeding babies of the species you hope to raise in case the parents don't feed them and have an avian vet phone number ready to call in case of an emergency.

Even though Linda will likely answer this, please search for a good breeder in your country that you can work with and will be there in person to help you with the learning process.

Also, please read our To Wean or Not To Wean article written by an avian vet.

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