Romeo With His Juliet - Yellow Napped Amazon

by Sydnie

''I didnt steal your food!'' (Yellow Napped Amazon)

''I didnt steal your food!'' (Yellow Napped Amazon)

I have a Yellow Napped Amazon that is 27 years old and that loves to talk and play. His previous owners were very nice people, but Romeo dosn't seem to like men very much. Both of the owners had day jobs, but one of the owners was let go from his. So that meant that Romeo would be very aggressive all day until the other owner got home. Me and my mom drove 45 minutes to pick him up from his previous home, and as soon as I walked into the room he started to talk up a storm. His previous owners told us that he eats human food, but we put him on a new diet.

So we put his cage in the back of the car and were on our way back home. I talked to him and calmed him the whole ride home. Then we had to put his HUGE cage in the house and let him climb in. I talked to him for about 20 minutes and then I covered his cage. The next day I walked into the living room to see that he had uncovered his cage by himself! I was so flabbergasted! Then I started to talk to him and he slowly started to come out of his shell.

He whistles a pick-up line, he burps, hiccups, barks like a dog and he even meows like a cat. He says HI, OK, WHAT, KYLE!, PAULY WANT A CRACKER and I LOVE YOU. Sometimes he will sing with me in the morning before I go to school. He is also bow-legged, which is just the cutest thing to me! He even steals my food at the dinner table. My mom even told me that when I move out, I have to take him with me. I told her "Without a doubt!"

Twice a year he gets on his "Love-Toy" and mates. His "Love-Toy" is a little green stuffed toy with a rattle inside of it. It has been chewed on, ripped apart and "played with". Hopefully I will never see him "Mate".

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Mar 14, 2011
Romeo With His Juliet - Yellow Napped Amazon
by: Linda

Absolutely wonderful story about your Yellow Naped Amazon, and we appreciate you very much!

Just for your own info, never, ever feed people food to parrots because just about anything we really like is usually bad for us and much, much worse for the bird. Feed your bird organic pellets as 80-85% of his diet with the rest in organic fruit and veggies. Only 15-20% treat food for his entire diet which is what we call the fruit and veggies. This means smaller amounts only a few times a week.

Here is a link on how to change from seeds to high quality pellets written by Avian Vet:

Switching Birds to Pellets article

Tracie has several kinds out here, and we recommend the organic because they do not have pesticide/fertilizer residue, perservatives or dyes all of which are very dangerous for birds.

Other than that, keep up the good work, and thanks much from the bottom of my heart of hearts for loving your bird as you do!


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