Rosa Bourke Nesting Pair

by Kathleen
(Bairnsdlae VIC Australia)

I have a pair of Rosa Bourkes. This is the first year they have sat on eggs, I have had them for two years, I built a little box and tried some grasses in it she threw it all out, I tried wood shavings she threw it all out, I tried sawdust (not fine stuff) she threw it all out, she is now sitting on 3 eggs (two big ones and one small one), she has broken two (big ones) prior to actually sitting on these ones, the only thing is there is no nesting or bedding material in the box at all, do you think they will hatch and will it be ok with no bedding, they are kept inside where it is warm all day, and she doesn't leave the eggs for long, not sure what else to try any help would be much appreciated.

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Sep 11, 2009
Nest Box
by: Linda

Proper nest boxes have a concavity shaved out of the floor where the eggs stay together. A lot of birds do not used nesting materials, so this is not the problem. The problem could be with a homemade box, unless you shaped it with the concave middle part to the floor this can explain why eggs are being broken. They become separated from each other and are broken when Mother bird is coming and going from nest.

I suggest you buy an already made nest box the appropriate size for your birds. The Cockatiel one may work unless the Bourkes are a lot smaller. It's been a while since I saw a Bourke Parakeet, so is hard to tell. Look on the internet and see if you can find breeders and/or retailers of wooden nest boxes. These boxes hang outside of cage with only the front part inside.They have a perch mounted right outside the round opening. They have a hinged back door so you can check eggs for breakage and later the babies. Some come with slider doors which are thin pieces of wood that slide down into a groove right behind front opening to keep parent birds away from you while you check on eggs or babies.

I do think your nest box is not quite right, and it may can be fixed if you cannot find an already made one for your cage. Cages made for these boxes have openings that open to receive the box front and close when not in use. These are breeder cages and work very well.

So, take a look in your area and on the internet for either boxes and/or cages that fit this description. As for the eggs in there now, leave everything alone and see if they hatch. It is okay to have no nesting material in box as this won't hurt eggs if the bottom is made properly to keep the eggs close together.


Sep 04, 2009
Bouke parakeets nesting
by: Tracie

I am not a breeder, so I suggest you contact a breeder in your area that can help you with this. Linda, a reader on this forum that contributes a TON, may answer your question because she used to be a breeder.

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