rosa bourke pairing

by bernard
(Hereford England)

I bought what i thought was a pair of (Rosa Bourke) but now it seems they are both female.The question is do I now buy to males or one to go with these females. And do I split them into pairs, or let them pair of them selves.

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Nov 07, 2011
rosa bourke pairing
by: Linda

Never put two or more females with one male, and never mix up pairs in one cage unless cage is a huge outdoor flight type of setup.

You will need two males, one for each female, and you'll probably need to keep both males in separate cages to keep fighting from happening. Also make sure your females are at least a year or two old before attempting any breeding. Females that are too young will not be able to pass eggs and can and do die in egg binding. I've had this happen with a young Cockatiel female I thought was older, and it is a tragic loss of a beautiful bird.

Keep the females in one cage, and the two males separated until you see which ones appear to be bonding with which. Birds make choices of mates and do not like all birds just like we don't like all other humans. Keep cages in close proximity and allow them to come out and play on a playtop or put them on separate perches. I also recommend trimming wings unless you plan on putting them into a large flight/breeding type area where they'll need to fly.

Last, but not least, is all birds have to be examined for an Avian Vet before any breeding is put into action. Sick birds produce sick babies who usually die shortly after birth if not in the shell, so take all of them to be examined.

Also, a healthy diet of organic pellets is highly recommended. All seed diets are not offering even a part of what a birds needs, and breeding birds need the finest food on the market so they can be healthy and raise healthy babies. There are several kinds of organic pellets found here with Harrison's being one of the best. Changing birds over from seeds to pellets takes time and here is an article written by Avian Vet on how to go about it. I recommend you get your birds into breeding condition before trying to breed, and this means next season on breeding as it takes time to "build a healthy bird".

Switching Birds To Pellets article

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