rose bourke gender

by laura
(kent ,england)

how can i tell if they are boys or girls 1 has more of a blacker head that the other (mainly pink). also i have them in my avairy with a boy and a girl budgie (greeny yellow 1's) will they be ok together?

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Jun 17, 2010
rose bourke gender
by: Linda

Budgies are usually too aggressive to be in same aviary as other birds, even other parakeets.

Also, you never want to breed birds of different types as this can cause all kinds of problems in the babies and on down the line. This kind of breeding weakens the birds to the point where many diseases and birth defects inside and out occur.It has happened with dogs and cats being bred incorrectly, and it will happen with the birds as well if care is not taken to keep genetic lines pure.

Keep any bird breeding pure by using only birds of the same species and type as breeders.


Jun 14, 2010
Bourke's Parakeet gender
by: Tracie

There is not a sure way of knowing without doing a DNA test. It is said that the female rosey bourke's has more grey feathers on the head than the male, but that is NOT easy to determine. LOL

I know that budgies and bourke's can get along in the same cage if it is VERY large, but since I am not a breeder I am not sure if they can produce offspring. Hopefully someone with breeding experience will reply to this post.

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