rosebreasted cockatoo sneezing /stock dove

by Brittany Linden
(Jacksonville, Florida)

rescued dove

rescued dove

rescued dove

I have a rose-breasted cockatoo. She is 8 years old. Occasionally she has a sneezing fit like a person would. Is this normal? would it be dust or a cold?

I also recently recused a baby stock dove. Her feathers are frayed what could this mean? She is a rather strange bird, she walks across street and thinks f=she is a dog and not a wild bird. She follows me everywhere and just sits with me anywhere I go-in or outside the house. Similar to that of snow white.

I let her out when I clean her cage and she wont go anywhere. Actually she will go for a leisure flight and come right back. Ever since day one she ate out of my hand. In fact I found her when she RAN up to a little boy a take care of. She walks across a highly populated street and hat frightens me. Is this normal? Do you recommend anything? I am looking for a nature center but where I moved to I can't find anything (Jacksonville, Florida).

I am studying to be a zoological vet so I am hoping that will help me in a time of crisis but aviaries a different ballpark. Could she have worms? I keep her away from my cockatoo. She doesn't react the same way to anyone but me- minus the running up to the 4 year old I take after.

Thanks for all your help!

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Aug 03, 2011
Cockatoo sneezing and rescued dove
by: The Avian Vet

Occasional sneezing is normal, but recurring sneezing fits are not normal. You should have her examined by an avian veterinarian.

The dove has obviously picked you as its companion. The feathers may be bad because it is sick or has been on a poor diet. You should feed a good quality parakeet seed, a good crumble like Roudybush and provide access to grit (dirt outside). You should also have the veterinarian look at the dove for any possible signs of disease. You can pass disease from the dove to your bird.

Find an Avian Vet
Dr B

Aug 02, 2011
rosebreasted cockatoo sneezing /stock dove
by: Linda

The dove needs to be examined thoroughly by an Avian Vet in your driving area. Florida and California are centers for parrots of all kinds, and there are many Avian Vets, so find one. She could have many different things, and unless you are changing your clothes after being with her, you have brought whatever she has to your Too.

I cannot recommend any over the counter meds or home remedies because until she is examined by a licensed avian vet, you could kill the dove trying to help her.

I also recommend you get a large cage for her with safe wood natural branch perches the same as you should have for your Too and do not allow her to run around outside. The more she is on dirty streets and in flea, tick and worm infected grass, the more likely she is to have chronic infections.

The avian vet may very well be able to offer you either a cheaper rate because of your training to be a vet or may be willing to allow you to pay off whatever they have to do to make sure the dove is okay. Make sure you pay it off and then you have established a very valuable credit rating with this vet. This dove could have worms and other inside/outside parasites plus a bacterial/viral infection. Have avian vet check her for both bacterial and viral infections. Your Too will also need to be examined in time. Keep an eye on her and if she becomes lethargic, less interested in play or food, then she will also need to be examined to find infection(this is where a line of credit is priceless). You are right to keep them separate and once the dove is examined and given meds for any physical issues, she could come in house to be company for the Too. Do not allow them to play together as the Too may become jealous and strike out in a rage as Toos are prone to do.

Please do not wait on taking dove to avian vet because the longer you wait the more at risk both the dove and your Too are. In the meantime, wear a jumpsuit or something like that over your clothes when caring for the dove to make sure there is no more transference of possibly dangerous materials to the Too. It is normal for birds to sneeze some to remove dust and dirt from their nostrils. If this becomes too much or you hear any problems with breathing, run, don't walk to avian vet for her to be examined.


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