rosella parrots pecking problem

by gail

since my male rosella had a injury 2 her foot, the felmale seems 2 b pecking at the male most of the time,not causing injuries but follows him around the cage pecking his head and wings, they have been in the cage 4 yrs 2gether and never had a problem before, shud i separate them or cud this problem be due 2 males injury thats not healed fully yet( male seen avary vet) he suggested keep them apart for a week and we have done that but after putting them back 2gether felamle started picking on male, shud i separate them again ?

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Feb 28, 2011
Parrot picking cage mate
by: Tracie

Yes, you have to separate them. Once the bird has healed, you can try to put them back together. If the problem continues even after the bird is well, then you will have to keep them separated.

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