Rosey Bourkes Parakeet behavour

by Deborah
(BC, Canada)

This is my first bird and my bird has started something new and I am wondering what it means. I think my bird is a female but am unsure. When she comes out of the cage and sits on the top I make little noises at her and all of a sudden she drops down her front and raises her tail feathers. Then she starts whistling (could be her singing). What does this mean? It is adorable and I love when she does it but I have no idea what it means?
Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Feb 12, 2012
Bourke's parakeets sounds
by: Tracie

Our bourke's love to whistle too. I am thinking this is what you are calling singing, but not sure. Our birds will repeat complicated whistles and even know to make my whistle when I come in the room. :-) They are just communicating with you.

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