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Rosey Rainbow Bourkes Parakeet Rosey Rainbow Bourke's Parakeet Rosey Rainbow Bourke's Parakeet

Species of Bird: Rosey Bourke's
Name of Bird: Rosey Rainbow
Year your bird was hatched: April 2007
Is your bird a one person bird?: No
Is your bird cuddly?: No
Do you think your bird is loud?: No
Will your bird go to other people?: Yes
Please share what it is like to live with your bird.:

Pink is the the greatest bird!! He loves people and would like to be out of her cage all day!

Many have said the Bourke's Parakeets are boring. They would be if you just leave them in the cage, but they are not if you get a well socialized one like Rosey.

Jennifer at Texas Tail Feathers raised Pink and he is sooooo sweet. (They have since gone out of business.)Pink loves everyone in the house and even though he lives in a birdy mansion, he will hop out on us anytime.

A Rosey Bourke's is the perfect bird for someone who wants a very quiet bird that is beautiful, sweet, pretty, and not messy.

The only problem we have with Pink is that he will sometimes get bored on our shoulder and hop down to the floor. Once on the floor, he runs like the wind. We found the best way to "catch" him is to let him run around for a while and then just sit down near him and he will come to us.

If we put a sprig of millet on a paper plate, that will lure him quickly! Sunflower seeds in the shell are his other favorite food, but he doesn't get too much seed so he doesn't get fatty liver disease.

Pink is the smartest bird in the house. He doesn't talk, but he sure knows how to communicate. He quickly learns whistles, even complicated ones. He has learned to whistle like my husband when he wants him, he does my whistle when he knows my husband isn't home to get me to come and get him out. If I don't come to get him and he sees my daughter pass by the room, he will do her whistle to get her attention. LOL

Instead of biting, he communicates that he doesn't want something, like not going back into the cage, by hissing and very lightly pecking at us. It is so funny to us, but obviously not to him.

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