Rossie Our RoseBreasted Cockatoo

by Judy
(Warren, Ohio)

Rossie & Randy

Rossie & Randy

Rossie is another of my Rescue's. Ive had him 4 years now. Im guessing but i believe he is about 7-8 years old. His first owners were amish, in the winter they would put him on the porch, a friend of mine couldnt take it so she talked them out of him, she drives amish to stores & work,

Well while she was moving she had her son take him, then he gives the bird to his girlfriends mother. Well they fed him hamster food, he lost weight, became vitamin deficit afraid of everything, his feathers were all curled up, a broken toe, my friend took them to court had the police go with her to get him.

By the time she got him back he wanted nothing to do with her, i went over her house he got on my shoulder and refused to leave. So i have him and he will never leave. It took me 2yrs to get him back in great feather, weight on and a little bit not as afraid.

My fiancee has been in the Army 20 plus years when he is home Rossie wont go to no one but him. He just loves Randy. And Randy just loves him. His cage is in our bedroom but his play pen is down stairs he will walk upstairs looking for Randy and when its time for bed.

His Favorite words is whats up punk. He already came here with them words, so my guess a kid taught him that. He loves Car Rides and going outside. The only times he screams is if you turn the light on at night. When its bed time its light out of else.. He loves to Dance And Country Music