Rubbing beak on cage bars

by kco0615

We have a yellow nape amazon parrot. He constantly rubs his beak on the bars of his cage when you talk to him directly. He is extremely intelligent, moody, loves my husband and tolerates me most of the time. Lately he seems hostile towards me and I talk to him more, give him more treats and interact with him more without holding him.

He bit me badly last week, the first time since I've been with him. My husband had him for 25 years before I came along and I've been around for 4 years...taking it slowly. What am I doing wrong. I've never been mean to him and he communicates with me often. He talks for my attention but then when I walk over to his cage and talk to him, he ignores me by scratching his beak on the bars.

What is happening. I'm confused as to how to proceed.

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Jul 20, 2016
LB rubbing nose & Eyes on cage
by: Utnip

HI, My LB rubbing nose & eyes constantly on perce or cage bar , her nose feathers surrounding of nose hole removed. beak always bit open and eyes keep close. No problem about eating and poop. Feathers seems rough, soak quickly, not dried soon compare to his companion. for information I caged her with a parrotlet and hanging parrot. I'm worried whether she suffering mite or lung problem. please advise.

Oct 11, 2012
Rubbing beak on cage bars
by: Linda

You just need to keep doing what you're doing. Amazons and other parrots pick a favorite human, and this human is the only one they like, love or whatever. Since bird has been with your husband so long, bird is habituated to only your husband handling him/her. Bird is likely a female, and they usually bond better with male human in family.

Continue to feed, water and clean bird's cage. Do not attempt any handling for a while. The bird may come around to you, and it may not. Don't worry that you are doing something wrong because this is probably not true. The getting you over to cage is a common ploy so bird can bite someone. You can also ask your husband to work with you on this by handing the bird off to you when he has bird out of cage. Eventually, bird will allow you to handle him/her but may never show you the kind of affection shown to your husband. Parrots have likes and dislikes just like humans, and their emotional/mental development is roughly that of 4-5 year old human children. So, you are dealing with a disgruntled 4-5 year old here who is very jealous of your relationship with "her" mate, your husband.

Sounds like you love the bird, and believe me, the bird is getting that you love it. If you actually hate the bird, bird is also getting that. Take care and good luck.


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