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Aug 22, 2015
Earning money nice
by: Anonymous

Great job on earnin the half the money and i hope you and ruby will be best friends for a long time:).

Feb 09, 2012
so cute,,,
by: Anonymous

soo cute,,,
i`m curious to see your parrot in real..

Jul 09, 2009
Good job! Enjoy your new friend.
by: Michael

Being somewhat related to Dennis, I am his dad :), I might also add that he worked very hard to get this parrot. He had to earn 50% of the money needed for the purchase and we, the parents, would match the other 50%. Dennis did so over several months, mostly by playing and winning prize money at chess tournaments (he is really good).

I hope now that you have Ruby, you will go back to playing chess and try to reach your full potential. You certainly have the ability to do so.


Jul 09, 2009
Good Luck!
by: Luba

Dennis, I am glad that you made your dream come true! Good luck with training Ruby.


Jul 08, 2009
Ruby's Diet and Vet (comment by writer)
by: Dennis

Ruby doesn't eat peanuts very often. Her diet consists of pellets, fruits, vegetables that I make every morning, and sometimes seeds but normally only as treats. She is very happy. She LLLOOOVVVEESSS plums, but without the skin of the plum. She once stole a plum I was eating when I was not paying attention. I will take her to a vet, I am still trying to find a good vet for her that is near Ventura County or Los Angeles County. If anyone has any recommendations, please post a comment that will tell me.

Jul 08, 2009
by: Linda

Dennis, congratulations on your new and very beautiful friend called Ruby. That is a beautiful name.

It is wonderful to hear that Ruby is happy in new home. If Ruby has not been to Avian vet yet, you should take her in for a checkup to make sure she is not harboring any infections. Birds should go into an Avian vet at least once a year for a well-bird checkup where any problems can be found and dealt with quickly.

The other suggestion is closely monitor bird's diet. Peanuts though delicious to birds are basically pieces of fat and harmful oils in a shell. If you are only feeding one or two a week, that is not so bad. Peanut oil is one of the most harmful oils for humans or animals and birds. If your birds eat only seeds, change them over gradually to a nutritious pelleted diet. Harrisons is a very high quality diet and Tracie sells it out here. The Birdy bread is also a really special treat. Harrison's uses only certified organic ingredients in their foods, and put in no harmful preservatives. Food has to be refrigerated once open and amount birds eat needs to be warmed up to room temperature by just taking some out of bag and leaving out with a paper towel cover on it until it is room temp. Cold food will make birds sick.

Feel free to write to us here with any questions you may have as time goes on. Ruby is a beautiful birdy, and you must be SO VERY PROUD!!!


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