Runny poop for my senagal that always has nats in his cage.

by Melanie Aquino
(West Columbia, SC)

I have 4 birds. 2 Senagals about 8 or 9 years old and 2 quakers, not sure of age, probably 1 -2 years old. My one Senagal constantly has runny poop and it is dark green. No matter what I use in his care, be it the pellet litter or the shaved one or just newspaper, it always has nats in it. My other 3 birds do not have this problem. They all eat zupreem pellete diet. The quakers eat a sead mixture that has small pellets, and dried foot and nuts. Everybody else is fine? What could be causing this in my one senagal. When he poops, you can hear it and it sounds nasty, very runny. Do I need to take him to the vet.

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Nov 01, 2009
nats in his cage.
by: Linda

Yes, please get him to the vet immediately! He has some kind of bacterial infection or is full of some kind of parasite which is attracting the gnats. From what I know of gnats, they are actually breeding in his poop producing more gnats. The larvae look like tiny worms and you are correct are very nasty. I stopped buying bananas because they always came in with gnat eggs on them. If you use bananas, wash them with some kind of antibacterial soap to try and kill the eggs.

Your bird is sick, so have him checked for infection and/or parasites. If he has a bacterial infection and lives close to the others, they may all have it and will also need to be treated. Start with this one as he really needs the attention of a trained Avian Vet.

Also, as Tracie says about the ZuPreem, it is a very low quality pellet, and the Harrison's is one I've used for many years. All those Tracie listed are good, and sometimes we combine a couple so birds have some variety. Stop any fruit and veggies you are feeding him until you get his digestive upsets under control as they will only make it worse.

Keep us posted as your information can help someone else dealing with a similar problem.


Nov 01, 2009
Bird with runny poop that smells
by: Tracie

Yes, absolutely take your bird to an avian vet ASAP. I am not a vet, but maybe the gnats are attracted to bacteria in the poop? Either way, runny, smelly poop is a sign of a sickness.

Also, Dr B always encourages people to get their birds off of Zupreem. It has too much sugar in it and not enough nutrition. It's like, you may like pizza and ice cream, but it will cause you to get illnesses easier and you will likely die an early death.

Please switch your bird to Harrison's, Roudybush, Golden'obles or Totally Organics pellets. Or at least a healthy pellet, preferably organic, that does not have any coloring or high sugar content.

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