Sabra, how loud are Blue Crowns?

Several months ago I lost my beloved female eclectus to a acute bacterial infection. My eclectus was a screamer...and my husband hated her because of that. I've been researching different parrots. I've decided to purchase a blue crown conure. I know that I can't be sure that any type of parrot won't be a screamer. This is more of a general question, compared to an eclectus, sun conure etc. how loud does a blue conure tend to be?

Thanks for your help!

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Apr 09, 2009
wild blue crowns in suburbia
by: Anonymous

There is a flock of wild blue crown conures that lives in my neighborhood. I'm in suburban Los Angeles. They are wonderful to observe and I love when they stop and play in my trees. They mug and pose for me when they know I'm watching.
However, they are extraordinarily loud. I can hear them from at least a mile away when they are approaching or when they are leaving.
They have a call that carries and can be piercing.

My dear friend just adopted a BCC from someone who could no longer keep him. She says he is an absolute joy to have. He is smart, funny and very likable.

Aug 25, 2008
Blue Crown's - loud comparable to...
by: Tacea

Would you compare the BC Conure to a Sun conure? Are they much louder than a Quaker?


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Aug 12, 2008
Are Blue Crowned Conures Loud?
by: Tracie

Blue Crowns can be very loud, but they do not have the volume and pitch of an Eclectus. Our BC Conure was not a screechy bird, but he did everything loud.

Coco talked at the top of his lungs, beat his toys and made noises at them loudly, and even talked loud! LOL He was a lot of fun, but he was loud to our ears.

You can read about Coco and other Conures if you scroll to the bottom of the Conure page under Parrot Profiles.

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