Safe bath/play time?

by Heather
(Palm Springs, California, USA)

I have a window perch above my kitchen sink for my Sun Conure. She gets very excited when I wash the dishes. She seems to particularly like the bubbles. Though I Never! let her play with them I can't help notice how excited she gets when she sees them. She jumps on me and tries to walk down my arm to them. So I was wondering if anyone knows of any bubble type substitutes that are safe?

I have thought about putting a fish tank air stone in the bottom of her bath dish but I think the tubing would be too tempting a chew toy. Does anyone make a bath dish that has this in it, or maybe some type of water additive that is non toxic?

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Dec 24, 2011
Safe bath/play time?
by: Linda

The only safe bath water is plain, warmed filtered water. When you are washing dishes at the sink, your bird needs to be out of harm's way just in case she decides to jump in. Soap is the worst thing for her unless she gets covered in oil of some sort and use Dawn dishwashing liquid to get oil off her like they use with birds caught in oil spills.This is a drastic measure to confront a drastic situation, so no soap is a good rule to follow with birds.

They make little bathtubs for birds that are put in bottom of cage. Some of them hang for the smaller birds. I use a plant sprayer to give my Amazon's a bath. Use filtered water to make sure it is clean of chlorine and/or fluoride and other chemicals they say they need to put in our water. Clean, warm, filtered water in a plant sprayer bottle is all you need to give her a bath. You create a rain shower for your bird while bathing her at the same time. She'll love it. You're also washing down perches and cage bars at the same time, so you've done two jobs at once!

Use no pet store bath products as most of these are harmful to feathers, skin and cannot be gotten near eyes, ears or mouths. Plain old filtered clean water does the trick. They sell these products because people buy them. Stores will sell you anything they think you'll buy, so always beware of these products. All natural products for birds are the only ones worth buying and that includes their food as well.

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