safe cages

by Robin

are non toxic expoxy cages safe for a parrot?

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Nov 02, 2011
safe cages
by: Linda

It depends on the type of epoxy. Two part epoxy is non toxic when thoroughly dried and gassed out. What gassing out means, is the cage has to be left outside in open air for a week or more to allow the epoxy to gas out all its fumes. You may not smell the fumes, but they are there just the same. This is also true of latex or any kind of indoor paints. Latex paint is extremely toxic to all life especially birds, cats and dogs until it has dried and gassed out. With inside paint, this can take up to a month before it's safe to bring a bird back into the home. This includes just painting one room as the fumes go all over the house.

So, if you still have doubts about this cage, call an Avian Vet in your area and ask them about this. I learned from a vet that two part epoxy is non toxic when dry and gassed out. We have to use it on our Manzanita perches when they arrive with deep cracks in them which is common to Manzanita as it cures out. So we apply the epoxy outside, allow to dry and gas out for a week or more before installing in cage.

I suggest you ask your Avian Vet about this cage because I've never heard of this type of cage. If cage's metal has high levels of lead or zinc, then when the epoxy chips, and it will, the underlying metal could poison any bird in it. So ask manufacturer to provide information about testing done for lead and zinc in the United States. Cages made in China have to present samples of their powder coat paint to be tested here in the US for both lead and zinc. If whoever made this cage cannot provide you with US lab's information run, don't walk away from the cage.


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