Safe heating

by Debi
(New Zealand)

Im looking to get a heater that is safe to put in the room of my pet cockateils (that i am buying soon).

Its winter already and its startin to get cold. I also need this heater for myself as the bird cage will be located in my bedroom.
Any good heater suggestions? Most products that ive researched are not avaliable in New Zealand. I was looking at a heater "Delnghi ceramic tower heater" but im not quite sure if ceramic is not good. As well as convection heaters? (Not quite sure what it is myself)
If you could help that would be much appreatiated thanks!!

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Jul 04, 2013
Heating option for birds
by: Anonymous

I put a 60 or 75 watt incandescent light bulb in a reflector fixture. I put this next to the wire of their indoor flight. There is a flat wood platform in front of the light so birds sit in front of light and enjoy the gentle heat it puts off and are free to fly off when warmed. As for keeping you warm, maybe just wear more clothes and use an electric blanket at night. If it gets too cold for type of birds, I agree - don't get them. The idea of space heaters is scary - dangerous.

Jun 13, 2013
about the oil heater
by: Anonymous

Apologies, I DID place a link up to the specific oil heater I was talking about. It was not some sort of rubbish advertising for birds, it was a picture to show the heater I was talking about but it was obviously not allowed :(

I suggest you GOOGLE oil heaters. Maybe you will find the one I was discussing.

Good luck :(

Jun 12, 2013
I forgot to mention
by: Anonymous

as well as oil heaters, MOST heating is suitable as long as heaters are regularly serviced.

Even though we have an oil heater in the bird room, we also have gas heating in the lounge & it is serviced frequently so we can use it safely.

Jun 12, 2013
I use an oil heater
by: Anonymous

My bird room has an oil heater. It is the only heater that does not emit ANYTHING other than warms. Even electric heaters emit something. Oil heater don't blow air so there is no wind, no draft, nothing that can be a problem. Oil heaters are really cheap to buy.

I have a small oil heater, it is left on & attached to a temperature gauge. So when it reaches bellow a certain temp (18c) it goes on automatically 7 at (21c) it turns itself off. the room keeps warm & comfortable for some time afterwards. It is safe to use unattended just make sure it has space around it & nothing is touching it, as with any heater of course.

You will have a high electric bill using it, which is why I have a temperature gauge attached to mine.

Jun 12, 2013
Oil Heaters
by: Anonymous

Oil column Heaters are the only known safe heater for birds, but be prepared for a high electricity bill.

Jun 10, 2013
Bird Safe Room Heaters
by: Robin

There is a company in the US called Eden Pure. I only mention them because that name comes to mind, not necessarily to promote them although it is a very good heater. There are other companies who make the same kind of heater so you can cross reference them to see what's available in your area.

These heaters are very safe and put out no fumes as they are halogen-light based. We use these in our house and my bird loves to sit in relatively close distance over it to 'catch the warm'

Good luck!

Jun 10, 2013
Safe heating
by: Linda

Electric heaters are the only safe heaters, and they will up your electric bill. Depending on size of room, you will probably not need to run it full out. Covering birds at night with a lightweight polyester cover will also be a good idea. Hopefully your home has some other type of heating. Fireplaces are dangerous if you have birds as are any type of heat burning wood products. Pellet stoves are good if your home is set up with right kind of flue and vent system. Propane heating is also good if entire system has been checked out by a professional.Best kind is of course central heating which you may wish to look into to keep entire house at a regulated temperature. Birds need 70 degrees F in winter and around 78-80 degrees F in summer. Never put under or over any vents as this causes a draft. Basically, the birds are going to become tired of the one room very quickly, so you may wish to rethink your plan.

Do not ever leave any kind of electric heater unattended because of possibility of fire. If your home does not have any other kind of heat, I recommend you not get the birds because they need to be kept around 70 degrees F in winter.

Thanks for writing,

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