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by Wendy
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

I have been searching and searching the net but no answers if Cranberry wood from the Tree is safe for Parrots to use for a perch. I would like it to use for my parrots but won't until I find out. Can't find it anywhere!
Thanks and appreciate your answers and time.
"Care about my birdies"
Toronto, ON

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May 28, 2009
Thank you
by: Wendy

Hi Linda,
Thank you for your comment. Yes on everything below, great! This tree is in our backyard and was planted as a very young tree by my father just a few years ago so I know it has not been sprayed. I also know that Parrots enjoy the cranberries but would never feed the berries off the tree to them, too afraid as there are of course, wild birds out there too. The tree is far too young for the berries to blossem anyway now, maybe this year but don't know how long it takes.

What happened was my father's cat started to use the poor tree as a scratching post and killed half of it. He cut this lovely branch down or should say young tree trunk down for my parrots. Of course we both wanted to know if it would be safe.
I also have some pics, not sure I can post on here but will if I can. The peice of wood, small log really is really nice, light and long! Almost 5 feet in length. This I wanted to use for a big corner playstand with a big heavy bottom in another room. One that I am putting together now.

I also have the Manzanti (sp?) med size table Parrot stand from King's Cages and it's Huge!! It said it was for Greys, etc. lol My Galah doesn't really like it but is slowly going near it and checking it out. Will take a bit of time I suppose. I'm also getting a Congo grey baby soon so I want a lot of playground areas for both of them in the different rooms they will be in.

Thank you! and thank you for the link! Those are good prices and will check this site out. Thanks very much for all your help Linda, I really appreciate your input.
Best Regards,
p.s. Someone gave me an answer that he knew of, I will post in awhile on this wood. Makes sense as you say it should be safe and may help others with this question also. Thanks and have a nice day!
I just don't want my babies to be the tester for this wood as it is not listed anywhere! Would be Just devastated if something went wrong and I lost them. Maybe I should just chuck it and forget it! lol

May 27, 2009
Cranberry Wood
by: Linda

I'm not familiar with cranberry wood, and guess you are speaking of the woody material cranberries grow on?

I did find that cranberries are a safe fruit for birds, so if you are talking about that type of wood, it is possibly safe. If the cranberries are commercial, they have probably been sprayed, and it makes the fruit and wood and stems poison, so avoid them for your parrotlets.Sometimes, they are sprayed even in people's gardens and yards, so I suggest that unless you KNOW for certain plants have NEVER been sprayed that you move onto the suggestion below.

My recommendation that is beautiful as well as sturdy and will hold up to little parrot beaks is size appropriate Manzanita. The Manzanita is a small tree and branches can grow very large on an older one. Your Parrotlets would need perches suitable for Budgies I'd think. The diameter of natural wood varies, so 1/2" minimum up to 1". It has been a long time since I've seen Parrotlets, so if their feet are larger than Budgies, then perches can go upward some in diameter.The object of natural perches is that size varies, and bird's feet can contract and relax all the way up and down them(I'm sure you already know that).

I have a guy I buy my Manzanita from in California, and the link is His name is Rich, and they harvest Manzanita that has not been sprayed, and have it in all diameters. It also makes good, safe toys for the birds. I drill holes in round slices for my Amazons and put cotton rope through them as well as various other wooden pieces(birds seem to like simple chewy toys the best). They like pine because they can tear it up quickly, and I like Manzanita because it lasts a little longer. The bottom pieces are always Manzanita.

Anyway, check Rich's site out, and you can get the wood sandblasted or in its natural form with the nice dark burgandy red bark on it(our favorite). Either way, it is cheaper than anywhere else on the net that I've found. There is a $25.00 minimum purchase or he has to add small surcharge on order, but it does not take long to find that much Manzanita you NEED. You could also use some to make a play area for them.Rich sells to pet stores as well as individuals is why there is the $25.00 minimum.


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