safe plants/flowers that are edible

by yvett
(ewa beach, hawaii)

I want to know if the decorative flower babys breath and its green fern like leaves/foliage is safe for a senegal to eat or to play with and pickthrew? Also do parrots like taking dirt/dust baths like a hen, rooster or chinchilla? Please let me know as soon as you are able to reply. Thank you for your valuable time and attention to these matters! Aloha-yvette

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Apr 18, 2017
Link to List
by: Anonymous

Here is a link that is commonly passed around in the FB group "Parrot's Pantry". It is a group dedicated to bird eduction and chop recipes.

Feb 06, 2010
safe plants/flowers that are edible
by: Linda

Tracie has a list of safe and not safe plants and woods out here. Anything that says "sap may cause irritation" will kill your bird. All Ivy plants are poison and most of the indoor plants are poison from Ivy to Ferns. If you don't find the plant you're looking for in her list, then do a search on the internet to find out about toxicity.

As Tracie mentioned, even safe plants and trees can be made toxic by having either pesticides or fertilizers put in them and/or on them even one time. With trees it ruins the wood for use as parrot perches and/or toys. Always make sure you do a full net search on any plant you do not find on Tracie's list and make sure it has been raised organically. Organic growers use natural, bio-degradable treatments for pests and for plant food. These products break down in a short time and food can be safely eaten. The fruit and veggies found in most groceries are dangerous for humans and/or pets of any kind. They come from commercial growers who use pesticides and fertilizers like they're going out of style. Never feed this to your bird as there is a possibility of poisoning. Find good organic health food stores or coops where people come together with their organic products for sale.

Hope this helps, and look at Tracie's list and then do further searches on anything not on the list. As I said, most house plants and outside flowering plants are poison. It is best to keep birds away from all outside plants just in case they are either poison or have been sprayed for bugs or fertilized with commerical chemicals.


Feb 06, 2010
Baby's breath safe for birds?
by: Tracie

Baby's Breath (Gypsophila paniculata) - Sap of plant may cause skin irritation or rash.

My main concern is if this is something growing organically in your yard or something commercial (fed and sprayed with chemicals) in a planter?

Parrots do not bathe in soil, they bathe in water. You need to make sure the water is fresh and clean, or you risk bacterial infection. Bathing in a water dish, for instance, allows bacteria to cover their whole body, not good.

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