Safe tree branches for parrots

by Cindy Richey
(Dubuque Iowa)

Not sure if Hedge apple tree branches are ok doesn't list

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Aug 31, 2012
Safe tree branches for Parrots.
by: Anonymous

You didn't give much information about what the tree branches were for, or about.

I do know Hedge apple tree branches are thorny. the trees provide shelter for smaller wildlife. The fruit on it is not desierable to animals. Also the juice from the fruits could cause skin irratation.

The hedge apple trees do contain a small toxin which repels insects. I however dont think it would be good for your parrot in the fact that parrots DO CHEW WOOD. If the parrot ingests enough of it, it could cause him to become ill, or die. Most wildlife that it shelters arent wood chewers like the parrots.

I would advise against using it to make perches, or letting your bird perch outside on the tree. I would just keep him away from it completely.

Hope this helps.

Aug 30, 2012
Safe tree branches for parrots
by: Linda

Most apple tree wood is fine, but if the trees have EVER BEEN TREATED with insecticide or commercial fertilizer, chemicals render them poison forever. So even though a wood may be safe, it can have been ruined with the use of pesticide/fertilizer in any form whether sprayed, through the roots or inside the trunk. The wood is poison for all time to a parrot who tends to chew wood.Organic forms of bug control and feeding do not hurt trees or plants because they are natural formed items that are certified organic. No commercial fertilizer is safe for birds or people.

You may wish to do a search on the internet for the Hedge Apple like, "Is Hedge Apple wood safe for parrots" and see what comes up.


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