safe tropical foods

by dia
(kapaa, hi, usa)

i live on the island of kauai.
many tropical fruits grow abundantly in my yard.
i rescue unwanted parrots and now have 8 total:)
it would be wonderful if i could supplement their diet with foods growing in my yard...
please let me know if any of these items may be consumed by birds...
v apple
surinam cherries
star fruit
grape fruit
bread fruit
also ~ are papaya seeds edible?
thank you soooo much for your help!
one million mahalos,
dia and feathers ~ rocco, skully, minmae, chloe, raja, pirate, tahoe, brother

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Apr 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

To ALL of that. I give them to my my birds.

Apr 20, 2012
Tropical fruits
by: Anonymous

A lot of fruits and veggies are good for birds but I would be leery about giving them seeds and/or pits from the fruits. Most contain arsenic which is poison, especially cherry and apple seeds. I wouldn't give papaya seeds and try not to give too much citrus fruit (grapefruit, oranges) because the acid might not agree with them. My parrot loves apples, pineapples, peaches and likes to try anything I give him. If he doesn't accept what I'm offering then I know he doesn't like it or it's not good to eat. He loves turkey (yikes, perhaps eating a cousin of his) and once when I offered it to him he would not take it and then I realized the turkey had spoiled and he would not eat it. Avocados and onions are deadly for birds as is chocolate. As long as you don't give them fruit seeds or pits, let them eat whatever they accept.

Apr 19, 2012
Safe fruit for birds in Hawaii
by: Tracie

Here is our Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list for you to look at. I have not heard of some of the fruits listed, so I suggest you contact an avian vet in HI and ask there.

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