Safe wood? Rose of Sharon

by Jason
(Hayden, AL)

I have made my sun conure a play tree out of rose of Sharon branches. I stripped all the bark off and sanded it smoother. I read that rose of Sharon was a hibiscus tree and safe, but before I let my bird play on it I wanted to get a second opinion. I have gone to great effort making this tree but wanted to make sure

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Aug 03, 2012
Safe wood? Rose of Sharon
by: Linda

Below is a link to a site with information about what woods are safe for parrots. There is also a list here on this site.

You'll note when you read about safe woods that not only is the wood itself a factor but also if the tree or bush has EVER been sprayed with chemicals and these can be fertilizers or pesticides. If a tree or bush has ever been sprayed with chemicals, is is NOT safe for birds regardless of type of wood. The chemicals soak down into meat of wood past the bark and make the wood not only toxic but deadly for birds. So, when making your own perches, play stands, etc. make sure wood you use has NEVER, EVER been sprayed with chemicals of any kind. If you're not sure, then do not use the wood.Pressure treated wood is also deadly poison for birds.

Woods can also harbor a number of fungi and bug types, so make sure all wood is washed using hot water and some kind of bird safe cleaner like Focus found here. Bleach is NOT to be used on perches as it soaks into wood making it poison for your bird. Since parrots love to chew wood, it is important to make sure wood is safe on all levels which means having a sharp eye out for fungus and/or tiny holes in wood. Avian Vets are also a great source for what is safe and what is not, so use their expertise when necessary.

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Aug 02, 2012
Rose of Sharon is bird safe wood
by: Tracie

Yes, it is safe wood.

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