salted foods for birds?

Is a little bit of salt bad for green cheeked conures?

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Feb 12, 2011
Is a little salt okay for birds?
by: The Avian Vet

Yes, salt should be completely avoided.

Dr B

Feb 11, 2011
salted foods for birds?
by: Linda

Salt in any form or in any amount is toxic to birds. They suffer kidney failure if the dose is large enough and possible kidney damage if dose or doses are small enough.Continually giving salt to a bird will ensure his untimely death. Symptoms of salt poisoning are drinking too much water and appearing to still be dehydrated. Salt is toxic, and if you remember nothing else we said, remember that.

Do not feed anything with any kind of salt to your bird and that includes people food which is usually laced with tons of salt, fat and sugar. Sugar is also poison for birds, so do not feed it either. It would not hurt to do some research on parrots and safe diets for them. Basically birds need to be eating organic pellets with a few additions of veggies and possibly a bit of fruit. Organic veggies and fruit are best as they won't have pesticide and fertilizer residue. ALL commercially grown food like found in the grocery store is covered inside and out with poisons of various types and to various degrees.

Thanks for writing.

Feb 11, 2011
Table food for birds
by: Tracie

Dr B will answer this eventually, but I wanted to share my thoughts. :-)

A little salt today, may not seem bad. But, day after day after day, not so good. Also, if you are feeding table food that is salted, that means it is also cooked? What is the point? To make you feel good? The bird would be just as excited to get a healthy treat, from your plate, and would know no different.

Just place the healthy treat on your plate before you sit down. While you are eating, you can give your bird "a portion" from your plate and it will feel like the flock is sharing. But, you will be loving your bird by feeding it something healthy that will keep your bird alive longer with possibly NO health issues ever.

Also, is the food organic? Remember that they have tiny organs. You may wear out it's liver and kidneys by making them work overtime to filter out all the junk you put in your bird.

Please don't take the above in a harsh way. I didn't write with harsh thoughts. I just want to encourage you to realize your bird is not a human kid. They don't think like you do and they have tiny organs and hollow bones and get sick and die much easier than humans too.

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