by Sam Guido
(Portland, Or)

my extremely social 7 year old male parakeet (budgie) will no longer come out of his cage to be with us as much. He is not currently molting and he goes thru these sporadic episodes of withdrawal from us. He other wise will nap with us, like a watch dog, perch on our shoulders and eat with us. Is it just that he's getting older?

Thanks for your input.

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Sep 17, 2008
by: Kralice4u

It sounds like Sam may just be a little bored. Not knowing him, I can only speculate.
One thing you could try is getting him some new toys. It is good to rotate them in and out of the cage to prevent boredom.
Sam is still fairly young. Most of my budgies have lived from 22-27 years of age so it is not time to call him "Old man" yet. Birds are very intelligent creatures and just like humans can become bored of the same routine.
I hope that new toys will be the answer for Sam!

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