same cage

by austin

what brids can you put in with yelloe sided conure

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Nov 03, 2009
same cage
by: Linda

Well, none right away. First of all, you'd need a cage large enough for two birds, and then you would have to wait until the two birds get to know one another. It is not advisable to just "put" another bird in with a bird you presently have. Birds have preferences, and their cages are their own safe places, and all the toys and dishes belong to the original bird.

As for putting birds together, if you have a large aviary flight which is very large indeed, you would need to keep same type and size birds in pairs. If you have regular cages, then get another one for the new bird. One cage to a bird at first. When I say a much larger one for multiple birds, that's what I mean. Each bird needs its own food and water dishes to keep fighting out of the picture. If all these same birds were outside in a large flight, they'd also have larger food and water dishes and not so many of them, but plenty so birds can get food and water whenever they need to without another bird being there.

Hope this helps. Just never put a new bird into a smaller inside cage with an established parrot. One or both birds can hurt, injure or kill the other one. Even people introducing male/female pairs have to do it the slow way and make sure the breeding cage is large enough with individual feed and water stations. All parrots just don't like all other parrots, and this is especially true of cage mates.Sometimes they won't like the birds we introduce them to--just a preferance issue. There is always jealousy at first as well, so you do have take some time with any new birds and supervise any outside cage play. This supervision is needed ANYTIME any bird is outside its cage as they can get hurt in so many ways it would take a book to list them all.


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