Sammy my Lilac Crowned Amazon.

by Victoria

This is Sammy my LCA

This is Sammy my LCA

I got Sammy my Lilac Crowned Amazon on August 18th, 2006,and I got her from a couple that was moving Sammy bit his owner a few years ago,and they had not touched her since.

She was in a very small cage with 2 wooden perches and 2 old toys,and she is like a totally different birdie now...I feel like I have had her forever, She was eating Zupreem when I got her,and had stress bar's all over her feather's (she still has a few on her back). I was told she was 7 year's old when I got her but I am not sure that is true because she has a open leg band on her leg.

Now she eat's Roudybush, Kaylor Of Colorado seed mix, fresh veggies ,and fruit's..and birdie bread. She lives in a huge cage with 6 or 8 toys (different kinds)..and several different perches..she is still learning to play with toys though.

Sammy has changed sooo much and I am so glad that I got her.. Just recently she is getting more and more affectionate,and loves (and ask's) to cuddle each night for about 1 or 2 hour's each night or morning.

Oh, She is soo very sweet and is just a amazing birdie..I can't belive how much she has changed since I got is awsome..but she still does not really like anyone else in my family...but she adores me..Sammy and I have such a incredible bond it is crazy. Also last weekend for the first time she let me sratch/scritch her head and she puffed her feather's and turned her head upsidedown!

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Jul 19, 2016
Considering adopting
by: sara

Hello! Your Sammy is beautiful. I have the opportunity to adopt a lilac crowned amazon. His name is Spice, he's 16, his current owner has had him for 10 years. He has to move and can't bring Spice. I'm so excited, but have some concerns. His wings aren't clipped. He free roams unless his owners are out of the house, and at night time. I'm fine with letting him free roam. I am a homemaker and do various crafts, I want him to hang out with me. What are your opinions on wing clipping? I don't want to stress him. Any tips are so greatly appreciated! Thanks

Dec 30, 2010
to all lilac crown lovers
by: harold murphy

i have been the proud pet to my mixed breed lilac crown and orange wing, i know he is not reconized as a breeders dream and i don't care.this is the most lovebile mixed breed. he is 22 years oud and is spoiled rotten. he has breakfast/ lunch /and dinner with me constantly' and eats of my plate and if i eat to fast he will steal from the plate and hide it' his vocabulary is really not that great, besides all the animal noises and whistles he has about 45 words or even a little more,
in the time i got him at 6 weeks old i've only been bitten about 10 times. he loves women and kids but will attack me if i am near until they leave. this has been the love of my life and i would do everything to keep him well and healthy
my only problem is that some day soon i will have to find the right new parents for him because i am 70 years and having health problems.
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Jun 24, 2010
Jade my Lilac Crowned Amazon
by: Anonymous

I too have a beautiful Lilac Crowned Amazon named Jade. He ia a little over a year old, I got him from a bird breeder in California and he had to be flown all the way to Cincinnati Ohio. He is an amazing Amazon. I read a lot about Lilac Crowns and they say they are not very good talkers, well Jade says just about everything he hears. He says "i love you,Jade's a good boy whatcha doing, come on, bye bye,yummie and many more words. He also whistles the Andy Griffith theme song and the theme song from The Bridge Over The River Kwai and is now trying to sing the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I'm thinking about putting him on You Tube. Jade is very loveable and lets me scritch his head and throat. He loves people and likes to be the center of attention. He also likes to look at himself in the mirror. He eats everything I feed him, all I do is say yummie when I put something in his bowl and he'll eat it.
I am so happy I found him on the internet he is absolutley amazing!!


Aug 22, 2008
by: Tom

Thanks for sharing your story. I had a lilac-crowned amazon too for the last 12 years. The pet store said the previous owner believes mine was 5 years old. He usually sat on a perch indoors and occasionally goes into the cage when he wants to. We moved into a new house with a huge backyard with lots of pine trees. Last night, I heard some commotion and found him missing other than piles of his feathers everywhere. An hour later, I found a raccoon in the yard and assumed it was the culprit.

Aug 08, 2008
How cute
by: Angelica

I had a Lilac Crowned Amazon exactly like yours for 10 years. It was 7 years old when I got it, too. He was caged up in an apartment that didn't have a back yard. My parrot lived happy with me for 10 long years in a home with lots of fruit trees. And she was never in her cage if she didn't want to be locked up..she would roam around the house with the dogs. And expectedly one day when I was home he was attacked by one of my dogs. That was 3 days ago and I am missing him like crazy!! But unfortunately that happenes its nature. Now I know not to trust dogs around my parrot alone..even if they seem to be friends!

My parents want to buy me a new born lilac crowned amazon that's why I 'm here looking around...I miss my baby ...:(Take care of yours because EVEN if I took care of mine like a baby, I still regret the times I could of done better.take care of yourself and of your wonderful Sammy lilac crowned parrot.

Apr 16, 2008
How great you have Sammy!
by: Anonymous

I love rescue stories that have such happy endings! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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