saphire the attacking greencheek conure

by cindy

Saphire is about 1 1/2 yrs and ...I say she but I DONT know if she is she....she has a companion skittles who is 2yrs old she...I call her she too...but dont a sunconure...They have been together since saphire was off hand feeding , and they have always loved each other. They sleep,eat,play together.

Saphire has always been testy..she hates girl parakeets...she has bitten toes off, she even killed one..she opened her cage and got in and killed her. move on...other then terrorizing the female parakeets she loved skittles up until 3days ago,now its war....she chases her off the cage,off my shoulder, in the Ive had to split them up and put saphire in a cage by herself, and she does not like that but I have no choice....Any suggestions or reason why this is happening and how to fix the issue...Thanks, Cindy

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Jun 16, 2008
Tip on ur Green Cheek Conure
by: Anonymous

Hello there, your bird is becoming sexually active and wants a mate now ... chances r pretty good they are same sex and stronger 1 is driving other 1 off the nest n turf.....i would suggest you dna her/him now...its 25 dollars here in Canada...not sure where you located? when birds become sexually mature they get territorial and thats what shes doing...what comes natural for her...i breed the green cheeks and see it all the time... toes bitten and all ,plus the birds r dif species and will fight for dominance now...also you might like to concider that once you pr up birds they become attached and bonded ,usually dont want anything to do with suggest you always keep birds in seprate cages, if you want to always handle n play with them....
hope this helps a lil for that age they will all get testy to see what they can get away with...just like a 5 yr old.. Have a Nice Day Parrotlady

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