Sarah - Help with parrot please

We recently adopted a parrot from a family friend, and his name is Olly. (Well we assume its a boy). He is only about one month old and we find it quite difficult to take care of him. He keeps trying to fly out of his box, and squaks very loudly. He also scratches and bites quite often. Sometimes he even objects to eating his meal. Could you please give us some tips on how to control him and make him our companion.

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Jul 13, 2008
by: Anonymous

your new parrot is in a new enviornment. he's used to his old rules and habits,which you may never know,or be able to change.At best with positive reinforcement you may be able to modify jhis behavior. I own several different types of parrots and while eachbreed has its own personality traits the changes theyn go through and how they haldle different situations is gbased on their personality. I also teach 4 and 5 year olds as a georgia state certified teacher and I can tell you that parrots are not that different mentally. If you look closely at a situation and how your bird reacts you will learn something from your bird. My husband is amazed at how much he didn't know about bird behavior and he has scars to proove it.(I don't.)But he is learning. Parrots react,the act. They don't feel like humans therefore their behavior is easier to understand.

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