The Sassy Straw Bird Toy is perfect for the feather destruction parrot or bird.

The Sassy Straw Bird Toy will help to keep your bird's mind off of feather chewing.

Large Sassy Straw Bird Toy Large Sassy Straw Bird Toy close up

Extra Large Sassy Straw Bird Toy Large Sassy Straw Bird Toy

About Victoria's Toys

These straw toys are perfect for birds that love to chew. Our birds love anything made with straws.

Victoria, the nice lady that makes these toys, is bed ridden. Rather than sit idle, she prefers to try to help support herself and help make birds happy!

Please help Victoria succeed in supporting herself by purchasing her Sassy Straw Bird Toys.

Choosing a toy

Since every straw toy is a unique creation, we have developed the following pricing system. When you order, there is a blank for you to add your comments. If you have any special requests, you may put them there.

I will give Victoria your contact information so that she can answer any questions you have about the toy(s) you order. She will contact you within 48 hours of your order.

(The plastic chain thickness will increase with the size of the toy you choose.)

Small will typically work for small birds like Budgies, Lovebirds and the like.

Medium is great for Conures, Cockatiels, Senegals etc.

Large is suitable for Cockatoos and Macaw sized birds.

Extra Large is also suitable for Cockatoos and the like. **Please note that these birds will destroy Sassy Straw Bird Toys quickly.**

Actually you may purchase any size you wish for any bird! The above is just the usual guideline. Purchase whatever size you have room for. Most birds would tell you the bigger the better if they could speak!

Pricing and Refill instructions

A $5 fee will be added for each toy added to your Sassy Straw Bird Toy. There is a button for you to add toys and then just mention in the description which toy(s) you are adding the extra toy to if you are ordering more than one.

Victoria will be contacting you regarding your order, so you can talk to her about the toy(s) at that time.

Victoria will re-load any toy and you just pay for the shipping if you wish to have it re-loaded. Just send her back the chain!

Purchase Sassy Straw Bird Toys

Please use the link below to go to our online store to purchase your sassy straw toys. It is easy to see all the sizes, prices and options all at the same time to help you make your decision.

View Sassy Straw Toy options and purchase.

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