Scaley Face Mites

by Frankie
(new mexico usa)

I have 7 parakeets with scaley face mites, to take them all to the vet i have to pay $45 for each of them and that is not including the medicine. I need something to get rid of the scaley face mites. HELP RIght now im using a flee and mite spray i found at our local pet store,but i dont think its working

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Apr 06, 2010
Scaley Face Mites
by: Linda

Yes, as Dr. B. said, YOU ARE KILLING YOUR BIRDS. I don't believe it will cost that much anyway. You'll only need to take one bird in for an accurate diagnosis, and then they will most likely give you the medicine for all the birds. Avian vets do this with breeding facilities all the time. So, take one of your birds in for a diagnosis as to the exact type of mite and tell them you have 6 other birds who have the same thing at home and need meds for all of them. The only thing you may need to do is to weigh them all and write down the results, but the Ivermectin has a safety margin, so one bird as an average will most likely do quite well.

It is NEVER A GOOD IDEA to use ANY over the counter medicines with birds, and this includes those found in pet stores. At best, the meds will do nothing and at worst, as is the case here, your birds are being poisoned using this spray. They need an Avian Vet's diagnosis and medicines, and this is true regardless of how many birds one has. This is why breeding is NOT recommended because breeders have to provide medical services for all their birds. There are many bird mills that do not provide medical services, and you can find their "products" in many pet stores world-wide. The birds are sick and have been sick sometimes from birth. Lots of them die a week after being taken home to become beloved family pets. It is heartbreaking, so the good rule of thumb is to have no more birds than one can afford to pay medical services for.

In this case, give them a call and take in the one bird and see if they will work with you on the meds for the others. You owe your birds at least this much of your time and effort. We here, on this site, and on all other sites, are not allowed to offer suggestions for home remedies or over the counter meds to anyone because we are not Avian Vets. Dr. B IS an Avian Vet, and his advice is gold, so work with your vet to get your birds well. The mites will eat your birds alive if you don't do something. The medicines you are using now are poisoning them. You may not see the results of the toxin for a while, and still, your birds will die from this type of treatment.

Thanks for writing,

Apr 05, 2010
NO store meds for mites please
by: The Avian Vet

Please stop using the over the counter spray and mite protectors ? these WILL kill your birds, and they do not work.

You need a medication dispensed by an avian veterinarian called Ivermectin. This is the only safe thing and the only one that works.

Dr B

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