Scared cockatiel

by Pam Manuel
(El Granada,ca)

I have a 7 month old cockatiel, he was tame when I purchased him, but then he saw the hawks and big birds outside, have him on the side of the window now with sheer curtains, my question is he won't come out now and when he does fly out of his cage he hits the walls and then when he returns to his(after awhile sitting on the top of his cage and me and him trying to bond again)cage he is very puffy ,sleepy and shaking. I feel bad scaring him like this.. What to do??? Should I continue trying to get him out of his care?

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Oct 01, 2011
Scared cockiel may be sick
by: Tracie

Please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird in person and to trim the wings so that it doesn't fly into walls and potentially break bones or chew something toxic.

You can not tell that the birds outside caused this behavior, this would just be speculation. Sitting puffy, shaking and sleepy looking are signs of illness. Flying into walls and being allowed to potentially land and play with toxic items can cause the things you mention too.

Once you are sure your bird is healthy, then slowly start working on training your bird. Once the wings are trimmed, you can either finger train or stick train the bird and work up from there.

Do not allow the bird to fly around your home where it can chew toxic items or get injured. Just a couple of weeks ago someone posted that their bird landed on an item and the item fell over and the bird was injured.

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