Scared Indian Ringneck Parrot

by M. T. Miller
(Loganton, PA Clinton County)

I rescued my parrot from an unhealthy environment. He is a talker, but when you open his cage, he is scared to death and tries to get away as though he was taunted by someone or something. Can you help me build his confidence so I can handle him?
Thank you, A new bird owner

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Sep 23, 2009
by: Linda

Sounds like he was abused in his other home. Neglect and abuse usually go together. Take a look at some of the training resources Tracie has out here and take your bird to an Avian Vet to have him checked out to make sure there are no infections, parasites or other problems with his health. If he had to live in filth and was mistreated, he was probably not fed right either. He needs to eat an organic pellet like Harrison's makes, and Tracie carries it out here. Their Birdy Bread mix can help change from seeds to pellets, and it is great and tasty too. Buy the organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor to go in it.

Try opening his cage up so he can just come out when he wants to. Birds who have been kept locked up in their cages for long periods of time, get where they won't come out. So, be patient, and get him to an Avian vet as soon as is possible as there may be physical problems going on with him in addition to the emotional problems.

In time, he will come to trust you, just don't be in such a rush, just take one day at a time and do everything you can to earn his trust. He needs to know all humans are not bad like the ones he has known. Show him who you are and allow the trust to grow with time. He will come around, and in the meantime, keep him clean with a large cage and safe toys to play with. He needs you, so please don't let him down by giving up on him.


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