scared meyers parrot

by libonia rosenick
(ecorse mi 48229 wayne)

how to make my meyers parrot riley to trust me. not to be scared of me.hes find on your finger on your shoulder.but when hes on your finger.hes scrared. he tryes to get away from you flys away.i think somebody abused him .he dosent like hand jesters and you cannt move fast.hes acute little guy. but not what i want

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Aug 22, 2008
Re Scared Meyers Parrot named Jack
by: Kralice4u

Bless your heart. It is sad to hear about Jack.
I will say this for starters:
Birds are highly intelligent creatures.
I am careful now to whom I call "Bird Brain".
The last statement you made was "He is not what I want".
Perhaps your mood alone makes Jack a bit nervous of you.Believe me, birds can sense your feelings.
It does take time and patience to gain the trust of any animal. (some are quicker than others).
If Jack is not what you want you may want to consider putting an add in the paper for someone to adopt him that really loves birds and has time for him.
If; however; you wish to keep Jack and give it a good try to become companoions I would suggest you try what I call the "Towel Method". Gently, but securely, wrap Jack in a towel and sit where there are minimal distractions. Start first by petting his head and talking to him softly. You should try this for about 20-30 minutes a day. As Jack seems not to squirm or try to meneuver away from you begin to lower the towel until one day you finally have his full body out of the towel and you are able to freely pet him on the head. Try to stay away from petting him on the back until you gain his full trust.
The time it takes your bird to respond soley depends on the bird.
If Jack was formerly abused, it sounds like he needs a loyal and patient companion.
I truly wish you the best of luck.

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