Scared of Alexandrine Parrot

by Connor
(Cairns, QLD, Aus)

I have a Male Alexandrine Parrot who is just getting his ring, so I think he is couple years old. I got him hand raised and he started to get a bit pecky so I didn't take him out. I can feed him fruit and other food with my hand but i am scared to put my hand under his chest for him to walk on. He doesn't try to bite me or anything it is just that I am scared of his Giant Beak.
So can someone please help me!!!

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Jan 11, 2012
Scared of Alexandrine Parrot
by: Connor

Thank you :)
I will try to do that when ever I have time.


Jan 11, 2012
Scared of bird's big beak
by: Tracie

You might try stick / perch training. This is where you get the bird to step onto a hand held perch instead of your hand or arm.

You work with the bird just like you do with hands. You need to get the bird comfortable with the perch going into the cage or up to it's body. Just work with it every day and eventually you will be able to get the bird to step onto the perch.

Hopefully your bird's wings are trimmed, so it can not fly. If this is the case, then you can let the bird climb out of the cage and get the bird from the outside of the cage, this is much easier.

We have some parrot training materials on our Parrot Training page that I suggest you read also.

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