scared of me

by mustafa

myparrot is scared of me when i go near the cage it flies to the opposite site

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Jun 05, 2008
Bird scared of you part 2
by: Tracie

(Part two to end my comment because this blog doesn't allow long posts.)

You also need to brace yourself for bites. Do not react to them if at all possible. If the bird does not think biting works, he will be less likely to try it again.

All of this is so complicated and there are soooo many ways to do this. This is just my way and there may be others who have a suggestion that will work better for you.

You can also read through other people's questions on this site and learn from advice others have given them.

Let us know if anything works.

Jun 05, 2008
Bird scared of you part 1
by: Tracie


If your bird was not hand tame and socialized when you purchased him, it might take some patience to win him over. But it sounds like you really want to be friends, so you will probably be able to do it. :-)

Start by just sitting by the cage and talking sweetly and calmly to him. When your bird seems to not mind your sitting by his cage and talking to him, then start offering a treat through the bars.

Adding the treat through the bars might scare him all over again, but just do it once a day and sit very still and talk the same nice way and eventually he will probably come and investigate.

Now, he needs to recognize the food you are holding as special. You will have to experiment with special things in his bowl before doing this to find out what he really likes. It might even take weeks for you to find something besides his regular food for him to like.

Our Bourke's Parakeet LOVES sunflower seeds. We do NOT put them in her dish anymore. We save them for treats and bribes only. (They are fattening anyway, so this is really best for her anyway.) Our Conures can be bribed with dried fruit and the Budgies love fresh lettuce. Each bird has their own thing they really like.

Once the bird will come for the treat, the next step is opening the door and putting the treat in the palm of your hand and just sitting there for a while to see if the bird will land on your hand to eat or quickly take the treat.

The step after that is holding the treat between the fingers of one hand and putting your pointing finger out with your other hand, holding the treat above it in hopes that the bird will land on your finger to take the treat.

You probably get the picture by now. Just keep slowly introducing things. Once the bird lands on your finger you try each day to get the bird to stay there as you move your hand closer to the door and eventually work your way out of the cage.


Take the cage to a small room and cover the windows and mirrors so the bird does not fly into them. The small room gives you the opportunity to retrieve the bird when it flies around the room. Let the bird fly around and get tired. Then you might be able to bribe the bird with the favorite treat only you give him and have been giving him now for a long time. If nothing else, you can put the treat in the cage for him to go back into and then shut the door.

Birds have hollow bones, so do not grab the bird and hold him tightly. We have at times had to throw a small hand towel over a bird to catch him and then gently take the bird and towel to the cage to let him back in.

The most important thing through all of this is to earn the bird's trust. Take things slowly and always make sure you feel lots of patience before starting the train sessions. Birds feel your emotions and if you are nervous or angry they will feel these bad feelings and not be comfortable with you.

Jun 05, 2008
thank u for your ans
by: Anonymous

hi my friend no i dont blame him at all
i do what i can for makin him in piece and make it dont scared of me so plz can u answer me?

Jun 03, 2008
by: Anonymous

do you blame him lol

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