Scared Rare Parakeet

by NA

I just got a parakeet today and it was one of the more shy ones in the store. When I brought it home, I set up its cage just right so it would be happy, but for some reason it's terrified. I approach it gently and slowly with my finger and I'm very careful about trying to not scare it, but it's still terrified. It's constantly shivering too. It's very nice and it doesn't like to bite, but I'm just wondering if there's a way to make it more comfortable so it's not so scared.

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Aug 12, 2009
by: Linda

It is normal for birds to be afraid of you, new cage, perches and toys. They may even be afraid of their feed and water cups.

You need to leave your new bird alone for a few days. Feed, water and put new clean material in bottom, and let him get more used to you. Let him see how your home and family work, and it is okay to talk sweetly to him, just let him get over his fright and then he'll be willing to start coming out with you. It could take 5-7 days, so let him feel comfortable in his new home.

If you bought him from a pet store, there is a good chance he has an infection. Pet stores keep birds together from different breeding facilities, and they can spread infections to each other.

Call an Avian (bird) Vet in your area and make an appointment for a checkup for your new bird. If vet finds an infection, he will give you some medicine to give to your bird, and he will tell you how to give it and exactly how much to give.I would strongly suggest you take bird on in to the Avian vet as he may have an infection that will get worse.

Also, if feeding an all seed diet, change him gradually over to an organic pellet. Tracie carries two of those here, Harrison's and Goldenfeast both of which are organic. They have to be stored in the refrigerator after opening. When it is time to feed bird, get out the amount he should eat and allow it to warm up to room temperature, usually 15-20 minutes. If you put your finger on it, and it is still chilly, let it warm some more before feeding bird. Cold foods make birds sick, so always make sure it is room temperature. The changeover from seeds to pellets can take a little time. Please read the article about switching your bird to pellets on Tracie's Parrot Training page.

Organic veggies like dark green lettuce (NO SPINACH), dark yellow and orange, like squash and baked sweet potato will be good for treats a few times a week. Feed no more than 10% of the diet in treats. He may eat a little chopped apple from time to time, and here again, just a few small pieces will be good. If you feed too much veggies and fruit, bird will not be getting what he needs from his pellets.

So, take him to vet to check for infection, start the changeover from seeds to pellets (small size for your small bird), give him time to adjust to you and your home and family. Do not feed any "people" food as these are high in fat, salt and sugar. Salt and sugar will kill your bird, so don't feed anything that has been salted or is sweet. Feed the squash and lettuce and apple raw and bake the sweet potato. Just give small amounts of all of them. Always supervise him when he is out of his cage as birds can get hurt very badly if not watched when they are outside cage area.

Thanks for writing, Linda

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