Scared Umbrella Cockatoo

by Becca
(Lee, NH, USA)

My cockatoo is scared of everything except her cage and me. she is terrified of being away of her cage.

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Mar 01, 2012
scared cockatoo
by: diamondtia

You didn't mention how long you have had this cockatoo or whether you adopted it, etc.

If your cockatoo is fairly new to your home, you have to give it time to adjust. If it is an adopted or older cockatoo, something may have happened in it's past to make it scared.

Just give it time, talk quietly to it, offer it treats or read to it, soothing music, etc. Don't make sudden moves or loud noises around it when it does decide to come out and explore it's world. Try to earn it's trust. Most of all just show it love and attention, lots of good food and toys. Good luck.

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