scarlet macaw question

by heather
(south carolina)

i have a scarlet macaw who i believe is a male he is 7 yrs old and he loves wood he is very reluctant and sometimes aggressive when he dosent have his sticks he also gets this way if i dont have a stick while holding him but when i do have the stick he lets me do almost anything with him and is very loving.

i tried taking his sticks away without him knowing and the next day he looked so lost and got aggressive so i gave the sticks back. what should i do?can someone help? also sometimes when i am holding him on my leg or arms he fluffs all his feathers out and spreads his feet apart then slowly walks from side to side and bobs his head slowly up and down then sometimes bring his left wing out while doing this and before he stops he stiffens and brings his tail out to the left while his feathers slowly go back to his body. does anybody know what this means?

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Aug 25, 2011
by: heather

thank you for helping me i appreciate the info and u are right about his toys he is my 1st bird and i love him very much!!

Aug 25, 2011
scarlet macaw question
by: Linda

Yes, that is the mating dance the male does to impress the females. If you are a female, then he is trying to impress you.

Why in the world would you take away something he loves so much like his sticks? All parrots need safe wood to chew on as it keeps them occupied and also helps to keep their beaks honed down some. Please don't take away this bird's only toys.

Also, if you have not had him examined in over a year, you need to have him examined by a Avian Vet in your driving area because birds hide illness until they are about ready to drop dead. We recommend high quality diets of organic pellets and yearly visits to Avian Vet. These together keep your bird happy and healthy with lots of energy. I've had Scarlet Macaws before, and it's very easy to misunderstand them if you don't understand Macaw behavior. If you would find some good books or search the internet, you'd find lots of information to explain many things about your bird's behavior. You owe him that much since he seems to trust and love you. Make yourself someone worthy of that love and trust.

You are extremely blessed to have this bird who loves and trusts you, so let him have his toys as it's not hurting anything is it?


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