scarlet macaw questions

by heather
(south carolina)

i was wondering what games my scarlet macaw would love to playi feel he gets board sometimes and would like to entertain him more also i was wondering how could i encourage him to fly iv tried putting him on a stand and moving my arm away little by little but when i get to far away he starts to climb down and walk to me any suggestions

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Aug 27, 2011
scarlet macaw questions
by: Linda

First of all, you need a perch that he cannot climb down from though he may then try to fly to you. Make sure you've had an Avian Vet trim his wings as bird flying all over the house is very dangerous for the bird. Only the 4-6 long Primary Flight feathers at the ends of each wing need to be trimmed. Never allow them to trim up any higher as this causes chronic pain and bird falls like a rock instead of gliding down.

There are some training materials on this site, so you may wish to look at them. If your bird has not been examined within the last year, then he is to be examined by an Avian Vet Only to make sure he is fit for training. Birds cover their illnesses until they are at the point of death, so before any training which causes varying amounts of stress, have him thoroughly examined for infections or other physical problems.

Diet is also important to a bird's health and well-being, and all parrots need to be eating a majority of organic pellets like Harrison's which can be found here. This takes time to change from seeds or from junk pellets like Zupreem or Lafaeber's, and here is an article written to explain how to go about it. Here again, no dietary changes can be made unti bird has been examined and cleared by an Avian Vet.
Switching Birds To Pellets article

Thanks for writing and hope this helps some. We recommend yearly exams by an Avian Vet to catch problems before they bring the bird down to where it can take more than a year to bring them back up to normal. Diet goes a long, long way in keeping them with a healthy immune system, so be sure and get started on that.


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